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At PCS in Anaheim, our powder coating services are provided by experts in the field, ensuring we remain an industry leader on the West Coast. We go above and beyond to always put our customers first; the same way we’ve been doing things since we started in 1981. Many of our current staff have been with us since the beginning due to our innovative approach and customer-first attitude.

At our facility, we feature an in-house salt spray testing lab, in-line power washers, and four production lines that keep things moving with overhead conveyors. Consistency comes through fast turnaround combined with attention to detail, making our ISO certified, turn-key processes some of the best in the business. Our goal is to continuously improve and remain one of the top powder coating service providers in Anaheim and the Western US.

  • Prep work – Longevity and quality can only come from detailed preparation, which is why we strip and sandblast surfaces before we plug, cap, and die-cut masks. We take the necessary steps to ensure products are fully prepared for powder coating before we move on to the next steps.
  • Powder coating – At PCS in Anaheim, our powder coating services follow ISO 9001:2008 processes to ensure dependable results for any material. Whatever the shape, size, or dimensions of your project, we push to exceed the traditional standards and create stunning yet durable finishes.
  • Support processes – We know you prefer simple solutions, which is why our experts are proud to assist you with services beyond our normal scope. Allow our team to help you source additional services such as liquid painting, chem-film, anodizing, or plating.

When you need the perfect combination of fast, efficient, and durable powder coating services, our Anaheim team is here to help. Learn more about our ISO certified, turn-key processes by contacting us today.

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